“Why in the world do you use natural, organic skin care products and not something that actually works?”

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After I tell someone I am an esthetician focusing on green beauty one of two scenarios typically plays out.

First, and foremost is the good ole smile and nod. I get this reaction all the stinkin’ time and I just wonder whats going on in their heads. Do they know about esthetics? Do I need to clarify that in fact I did say esthetician, not an anesthetist. Although I have been known to put people to sleep during a facial I in fact do not administer anesthesia. Or then there is always the chance they were just asking me what I do for a career to be nice, and really didn’t listen to my answer. In any case, silence isn’t really my thing so when I see this look of confusion I am pretty quick to let them know that an esthetician is a skincare professional. I went to esthetics school for a certification in order to become an expert (so to say) on our largest organ, the skin. As an esthetician I perform an array of amazing facial services and provide sound product advice for those wanting to enhance their skin.

The second reaction, and this is the one I get excited about, is a question along the lines of, “Why in the world do you use natural, organic skin care products and not something that actually works?” Honestly, it is in this exact moment that I get a slight heart palpitation. Please don’t get me wrong, it is not out of anger but out of true excitement. I mean really and truly my heart starts beating a bit faster, my breath gets short and my brain starts spitting information at me. Sharing my passion with those that want to know about why I have dedicated my career to focus on healthy beauty is one of my favorite things to do.. We all love to talk about what we love right? So here are some statistics I share, in a calm state of course I don’t want to scare them, ok just a slight fright just to get them thinking at least!!

We know that women apply right around 11 products onto their skin, every single day. However, in all reality the term “onto the skin” is not the correct description. I feel it should say: Women absorb the ingredients of around 11 products into their body every single day, because we know putting these products onto the skin doesn't mean the ingredients are simply stopping there. Think about nicotine strips or hormonal patches applied right onto the skin. They are not effective just sitting on top of the skin, their goal is to absorb into the body through the skin. Which it does, only 26 seconds after applying a product on your skin the chemicals it contains to be found in every organ in your body. So when using non green skincare products made from a long list of questionable ingredients it is fair to say that a woman's skin is a passageway for a staggering 515 different synthetic chemicals into their bloodstream every single day. What I find even more troubling is the fact that teenagers apply even more products, up to 17!! At such a developmental time period do we even know its true effects?

Eating organic foods seems to make sense to many, so if we look at skin care or body care products from this route it can be enlightening. When we take in toxins through our mouth, enzymes in our stomach and saliva to begin breaking down and flushing out chemicals. By eating organically we are not presenting as many toxins into our body hence it is not shutting down other vital tasks like fighting infection to make flushing out an abundance of toxins a priority. So taking this knowledge into the skin care arena let’s think about when we apply a product onto our skin. There is no such filter, no saliva or enzymes breaking anything down. Even though one of the skin’s most precious functions is to act as a protective barrier many ingredients today are developed to penetrate or break down our skin’s protective barrier. When it succeeds, when the acid mantle is breached and product’s ingredients penetrate the skin they have found a direct pathway into our bloodstream. With the energy and resources our body needs to be in homeostasis our body can not function on a healthier level when we are introducing so many unhealthy toxins in this way. In using organic skin care you don’t have to worry about any hidden pesticide residue as the ingredients have been grown or produced without the use of pesticides, or chemical solvents.

Organic products actually contain at least 6 times the amount of antioxidants and active ingredients than other product types. These antioxidants help defend our cells from free radical damage protecting our collagen and elastase (skin’s structural components). Organic products honestly feed your skin with all the yummy stuff and leave out the toxins. This in turn leads to a healthier, smoother, fresh, and more vibrant complexion. So yes, my friends, they really do work!

I hope these “fun facts” offered some insight as to why I am so passionate about sharing clean, green personal care products with so many people. I believe in the majestic power of nature, never compromising your health for beauty.

~Kileigh Knott
Kileigh Knott is a certified esthetician and founder of Green Beauty Bag, a curated beauty bag service delivering full sized organic beauty products quarterly.

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