10 Fun and Frugal Ways to Spruce Up Your Home

10 Fun and Frugal Ways to Spruce Up Your Hom
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When talking to Victorians about their homes you will often hear key words such as hidden gems, fixer-uppers or a diamond in the rough! Why do we hear such words as one would describe their home?
As we see the promise in a less-than-perfect space, there comes a knowing that with just a little spit and polish you can transform your home into a gem. 

Here are 10 Quick and Easy Tips for Re-Decorating and Renewing Your Home

Paint Find a fun color that you will be able to use as an accent color. If you happen to live in an apartment and are not allowed to paint, just paint some pieces of furniture instead. You can often find pieces that just need a little love in second hand stores, garage sales and (how Victoria) the curbside.

Curtains Dress your windows with fun vertical pin-stripes, a floral print or even a leopard print.  Drapes add the illusion of height.

Lighting With different lighting, you can create a different ambience in each room. Dim the overheads and switch to mood lightening with a table lamp. Look for a handmade lamp with character. If you find a base that you like, you can always paint it and find a different lampshade for your funky new up cycled lamp.

Rugs Find a rug that will match your accent color - it doesn’t have to be a solid color either. You can choose a Persian rug, a jute rug, a shag rug or a rug that will just feel good under your feet.

Art /Photos Take advantage of your wall space - it can make such a difference!  You can use any area as a blank canvas to display your favorite photos or paintings. All you have to remember when hanging your photos are repetition, variety, scale and consistency.

Storage Pick furnishings transform or hide! Murphy beds, chairs, tables, cots – you can find many different pieces that can be folded and  put away.  Under the bed space savers are also great for making the most out of a small space and minimizing clutter.

Shelving Add style to your fixer-upper with any of these shelving finds. Rummage through thrift shops for funky book ends, coasters, baskets, display worthy plates.  Find washed up glass, shells or other souvenirs from the beach to add a natural flare to any bookcase.

Walls Striped wallpaper helps move the eye up and across the ceiling, making the small space seem larger, while adding a bright accent to the room will brighten up the area as well. You can also create the illusion of more space by adorning a neutral-coloured wall with a simple mirror.

Seating Mix and Match! Have fun with your furniture, especially in your sitting room! Find your fun pieces at a garage sale, antique store or recover your favorite old piece of furniture. Get inspired by some of your favorite colors, fabrics or ideas from your favorite design books. Let old meets new be your motto in decorating!

Plants Plants and living walls have a positive impact on both your physical and mental wellbeing. They also improve air quality by filtering out dust and other small airborne particles.