5 Ways to Green Up Your Workspace

5 Ways to Green Up Your Workspace
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There is really no one single thing office workers and employers can do to make work life more environmentally friendly, instead, a green office can be encouraged by as a series of ongoing actions that will encourage less waste and instill a healthier environment. Living an eco-friendly lifestyle cannot end at home, to inspire and create real change, we must practice and stimulate eco actions in every area of our life, and, because we spend so much time at work, it is important to green up our work space also.

A greener work space is one that is comfortable for everyone involved, functional, low impact and innovative. Below are five easy ways to green up your workspace.

Five Ways to Green Up your Workspace:

Conserve Energy: Office buildings are huge energy eaters, so therefore, cutting energy usage is a huge must to encourage a more eco friendly workspace. You can conserve energy in many different ways such as, switching to fluorescent and LED lighting and also by using solar lighting. Using energy star electronics such as computers and printers instead of the conventional options can save you up to 70% more energy. Also, using on and off power strips and turning off lights and appliances when not in use are great ways to conserve energy.

Reduce Paper Usage: Reducing paper usage will not only create less waste in the office, doing so will also benefit the company financially because you will be making less purchases, so do not print it unless you have to, and if you print, use both sides of the paper. Also, send digital notes such as emails and electronic documents instead of paper written ones.

Recycle Everything: Recycling is one of the easiest and most current ways to green up your workspace. Designate a recycle area within your office and recycle everything you can. Items such as paper, plastic, aluminum, glass, electronics, CDs, DVDs, batteries and ink cartridges can all be donated and recycled.

Green your Commute: Traditional cars emit massive amounts of carbon dioxide that contribute to the environmentally degrading problem of global warming. You can green up your commute to and from work by carpooling or by taking public transportation, or, if allowed you can telecommute. However, if driving solo is a must, you can consider driving a more eco-friendly cars such as hybrids or electric vehicles.

Use Eco Materials: Using eco products and products made from post-consumer content is another obvious and a super easy way to green up your workspace. Some eco office materials can include recycled printing paper, cloth napkins, pens made from recycled paper or corn plastic and green cleaners.

Educating and entertaining are perhaps the most effective methods to creating a greener atmosphere within the office and in the overall workspace. Think about it, when we are learning and loving what we are doing, then we do it more and we do it better. Encourage other employees and yourself to love greening up by posting fun facts about eco-friendly living or by offering fun incentives for the greenest employee of the week.


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