Are you Earthquake Ready? Steps to Emergency Preparedness

Are you Earthquake Ready? Steps to Emergency Preparedness
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The term Emergency Preparedness simply means to be ready for an emergency. It means that if a disaster should strike, then you will know where to go and you will have the necessary products on hand to sustain life until the emergency is over or until you are reused.

It is important to be ready for an emergency, especially in today’s age of unexpected natural disasters like super storms, earthquakes and hurricanes. When you are properly prepared for an emergency, you will have a greater chance at decreasing loss of life and injury until you are no longer in a state of emergency.

How to Prepare for an Emergency:

Develop an Emergency Plan: Families and business owners should develop a plan in case of emergency. You need to designate a safe and easy to get to area in the home or in the office to go to incase disaster should strike.

Stay Calm: This seemingly simple act is necessary if you should ever find yourself in a disastrous situation. Staying calm builds courage and faith while inspiring survival action.
Build an Emergency Preparedness Kit: Your emergency preparedness kit should include everything you may need to survive and to be rescued. You kit should include warm blankets, flashlights, batteries, first aid kit, antibacterial solution, medications, money, trash bags, whistle, radio and blow horn.

Healthy Go-To Foods: Food should always be stored in your designated safe place, but not just any food. It is important that you store nutritious food to help you sustain your energy and keep you healthy. Foods such as plenty of water, dried nuts, dehydrated preservative free meats and fruits and freeze dried foods all have long shelf lives and are good for you. Freeze dried refers to fresh foods that have been flash frozen, when rehydrated they taste great and maintain their nutrition and dehydrated foods is the method of slowly taking moisture out of food with continuous warm air.

Knowing that you have a safe place to go to and products to help you survive will give you peace of mind and a plan of action.