Are your Shelves Piling Up? 4 Ways to Recycle, Donate and Upcycle your Books

4 Ways to Recycle your Books
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JHorna Smidt

Ahhhh that smell of a book store, that comforting feeling of turning the pages with your fingers, having a relaxing bath with your favorite book or using a dog eared corner to mark your spot. Books nowadays are on the endangered species lists, with E Readers galore. The paper book is fast becoming a second to its digital counterpart.  Hopefully books will never become extinct, they are certainly not the first option anymore. How are books sustainable? Generally books are not sustainable but you can make buying your books Eco- friendly and minimize your carbon footprint too!


Here are 5 easy steps to recycle your books!  

  • Although we are now living in a technical world, our online resources can help us swap books, sell our used books or create an event with your friends to trade your favorite books over a potluck!  

  • If your not into swapping, but want to sell your books instead there are many options such as Used Victoria, Craigslist, Facebook or a Bookstore that will buy your gently used books. Usually book store will either give you credit or cash.

  • Daycare's, Hospitals or Seniors Centre's are always a great place to donate your used books or magazine's.

  • Another great way to give back is to donate your local secondhand stores or non-profit organizations.

  • Create crafts by upcycling your old books! 

Here are some amazing resources for recycling, upcycling, donating and selling your books! Don't feel guilty for loving your books, enjoy knowing that you can reduce, reuse and lower your carbon footprint by reading and recycling.


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