Mineral Make-up with the Frugal Fashionista

"Flawless, skin nourishing, free radical fighting power!"

After studying Jane Iredale for the past few days I am totally convinced she is the one for me!  Also known as ' The Skin Care Makeup ', Jane Iredale combines only the best bio-engineered  pharmaceutical grade minerals to give not only flawless, skin nourishing, free radical fighting power, but also the ability to be completely custom and interchangeable! Use eye products for lips, lip products for eyes and even mix in your fave colors to your moisturizers for a red carpet airbrush glow.
You can find extracts from ingredients rich in antioxidants like pomegranate and green tea leaf plus the advantage of zinc and titanium giving unsurpassed water resistant UV protection.  In depth, I discovered by using 12 different molecule sizes it gives their UV fighting powders the ability to nourish deep down as well as create a shield on the surface of the skin while allowing it to breathe.  I also found unlike conventional sunscreen there is no wait time between application and sun exposure.  Just dust it on and run!

Jane Iredale, known in the industry for her career in film and television, knew the importance of having flawless skin for the camera but took it to a new level in 1994 when she created her brand. Jane Iredale was the first ever cosmetics line suitable for correction of skin imperfections and the maintenance of healthy skin- and boy, we are glad she did!

Jane commits her line to being "Age Smart" not only through their "Rolls Royce" quality minerals and extracts, but also through the dedication to educating consumers about the harmful effects of the sun; and of course has been selected by the Skin Cancer Foundation giving credit to optimum protection for the most sensitive skin.

We are so thankful to have the opportunity to share Jane Iredale with you.  Let us show our gratitude with a complimentary light touch of minerals

Eye demo ~ additional $20

For more info go to www.janeiredale.com or book now for a complimentary introduction www.salonj.ca

Enjoy, and have fun!