Bee Green Interviews The Seed Genie

The Seed Genie believes there is a deep meaning in the gift of seeds. More than just something pretty to look at, we believe in establishing hope and generating sustainability in the future of our earth!

BG: Where did The Seed Genie originate from?

TSG: The Seed Genie sprouted as a branch of Ed Hume Seeds, a trusted source of non­ GMO seeds for
nearly 40 years!

BG: How did The Seed Genie become to be?

TSG: Our parent company has been producing promotional seeds for years but we wanted to reach a
new audience. I was able to bring aboard my art, fashion and customer service related
background to provide our clients with a fresh, exciting product.

BG: What was the inspiration for starting The Seed Genie?

TSG: To combine my family seed business with my passion for art and love of nature.

BG: What was your ultimate goal when you decided to open your business and has that goal changed?

TSG: To provide a fresh twist on a powerful marketing tool and to introduce our product to
organizations who share an environmental consciousness.

BG: Does your business have a ecommerce site ?

TSG: No, our products can be customized in so many ways that I prefer to give each client personal
service. They email their general needs and ideas through the website and we go from there.
Usually there are a couple of phone conversations during the process of customizing or creating
a unique design. It requires more work on our end but I believe at the end of the day, we have
happier customers and a much more polished product!

BG:How important is it to recognize loyal customers?

TSG: IMMENSELY IMPORTANT!!! Who doesn’t love repeat business and great things being said about
your company?

BG: What percentage of your customers come from your local community?

TSG: Around 50% right now. With our parent company being Ed Hume Seeds, we have a good deal of
brand recognition in the Pacific Northwest but we produce and ship to clients worldwide.

BG: What community events or charities to you support or sponsor?

TSG: Our parent company, Ed Hume Seeds, has given to numerous organizations over the years. Since
the 1980s the Hume family has donated millions of dollars worth of seeds to community projects,
foodbanks, victims of 911, Hurricane Katrina and to Third World countries. Our founder, Ed Hume,
has served on a number of nonprofit boards. With his wife, Myrna, he formed “People Aiding The
Homeless” which provided funding, food and shelter to those in need. He has also supported the
Diabetes Association, NW Kidney Centers and Seattle Children’s Hospital.

The Seed Genie has only been established for just under a year but already we have worked with
Childhelp organization. We helped them to develop their promotional seed campaign “Plant A
Seed For A Child In Need” to encourage the prevention of child abuse. I look forward to working
with many more wonderful organizations, particularly those serving the environment. You can
take a peek at The Seed Genie’s Instagram to see who we like to keep our eyes on!
BG: What is your motto for "Life"?
Enjoy each precious day!

BG: How did you come up with your businesses name?

TSG: I wanted something clever and cute, that people would recognize and remember. The Seed Genie
seemed fitting for my product and personality as I think our product adds a touch of magic to our
client’s events and promotions.

BG: How do people find you? Do you have a store front?

TSG: The Seed Genie is into social media! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In and our
YouTube is coming next….I have some fun and educational videos in the works!

BG: Do you use recycled materials?

TSG: Absolutely! Our seed packaging is a combination of post consumer waste and virgin fibers from
managed forests. ­SFI or FSC certified.

BG: How is your business sustainable?

TSG: We are committed to eco-­friendly manufacturing! All of our seeds are packaged using solar
energy! We use reconditioned vintage packing machines from the late 1800s! Our seed packets
are made from recycled papers and are printed with a vegetable based ink. At the end of our
season, we donate our left over seed to a variety of outreach organizations.

BG: How many seeds do you offer?

TSG: Over 350 varieties! We have a select few that are most popular for promotional use but my clients
are welcome to choose from our fantastic variety of flowers, vegetables and herbs.

BG: Are your seeds free of GMO?

TSG: YES! In fact we are proud to be one of the seed companies recognized as signing the Safe Seed

BG: Is the Seed Genie a family run business?

TSG: We certainly are! My innovative in­laws, Ed and Myrna Hume, started Hume Seed Company nearly
40 years ago!

BG: We love the Bee­-autiful Collection of Art on the Seed Packages♡ Where do you get the amazing art?

TSG: Thank you!! That is music to my ears! I have spent months curating these amazing designs from
artists across the globe! Our catalog of art continues to grow with new artwork submissions and
acquisitions of spectacular vintage works.

BG: Do you have certain artists in house or do you promote other artists in the community?

TSG: We have a go­to graphics team available for customization and design development but our
artists are freelance and paid commission on their sales. (That is where some of my passion for
promoting art plays a role...I thrive on connecting people!) My eyes are always looking for fresh,
unique seed packet designs! Do you have any artists I should know about??

BG: Do you make custom seed packages each time you have a new client?

TSG: Yes, all of our packets are always customized or created for each unique client’s

BG: Are your seed packages recyclable and eco­-friendly?

TSG: Very much so! The Seed Genie believes in being green and that means using only sustainable
papers and inks with our packaging! We are very interested in your large scale events and promotions!
BG: Can you share with us how they work and
how businesses can benefit from The Seed Genie?

TSG: Wonderful!! We are happy to work with companies that need a large amount, even 100s of
thousands of custom seed packets! Let me give you an example: Let’s say Starbucks wanted to run a special promotion for Earth Day.
The Seed Genie would work with their design department to create the perfect custom seed
packet. We could even create a custom design for each state or region! They might want to utilize
their promotional seeds as a giveaway to customers who spend a certain amount or purchase a
specific product. Imagine being the customer who receives a beautiful custom seed packet.
Would you remember this company as an earth friendly, client pleasing business?
The Seed Genie believes there is a deep meaning in the gift of seeds. More than just something
pretty to look at, we believe in establishing hope and generating sustainability in the future of our

“Our relationship with the planet today is tomorrow’s future!” ­Ed Hume