Bipolar Babe on Exercise: Your Brain will Thank You

Exercise and your brain will thank you
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Until recently, I hadn't seen any real worth in physical exercise, but now I feel more accountable to my health.  Having bipolar disorder carries significant responsibility,  and I have started to track my moods daily and I have observed a certain trend.  On the days when I did not exercise, I would feel more depressed than on the days that I did.  It may seem like a no brainer but the connection is so apparent in my tracking that it inspired me to get fit.  What do I do?  I attend my local gym and I cardio it out for about 40 minutes and then follow up with weight training.  Simply lifting barbells above my head and doing lunges alongside a bench.  I also have a workout routine that I obtained from my new trainer.  It is all stuff you can do on your own without machines.  Uncomplicated and simple.

I know that when people get depressed they lack the energy to do almost anything and even thinking about a gym can be distressing, but you have to do something to make yourself feel better.  Take that walk around the block and you will be surprised how much better you will feel to have even stretched your legs.  Adding physical activity to your wellness regime is undeniably the best possible thing that you can do for your mental health.  There is nothing more empowering than having an amazing workout in the morning and feeling clear for the rest of the day.  When you feel the accomplishment of having worked out, nothing can beat it.  I am noticing that I am toning up and my body just feels stronger.  Exercise is important for everyone but it is vital for a fit brain.

Along with exercising regularly I have begun eating better and this means healthy snacking with three meals a day.  I never thought in a million years that ‘I’ would be able to live this type of lifestyle.  It has been a couple of weeks and it gets easier each day as I adhere to a plan and tell myself that this is all for my own good.  Our society tells us that we should get fit to look fit, which is fine, but if you view this subject from a mental health standpoint, getting fit is really to get a fit brain.  If you knew the key to actually having the opportunity to feeling better would you grasp that opportunity?  I am not an exercise solves everything kinda gal, but the benefits of exercising are undeniable.  When you feel good, you feel awesome and feeling awesome is important.

There are boundless benefits to exercise which include less tension, stress and mental fatigue.   It gives you a natural energy boost and improves your sleep amazingly well.  Exercise offers a great sense of achievement and provides some focus in your life.  It helps me personally relieve feelings of anger and frustration and I even noticed that I crave healthy foods.  It can add to your social life and you may even have fun in the process.  Trust me, I am not an exercise guru type but an average gal telling you that you have it in within you to feel good, you just have to tap into that motivation, make that personal choice and follow through.  Your brain will thank you.

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