Ditch Commercial Cleaners – Clean Greener

Ditch Commercial Cleaners – Clean Greener

Hey, wouldn’t it be ironic if the products that we bought to clean our homes and kill pesky germs are actually dirtying our air and filling our homes with harsh toxins? Well, that is exactly what is taking place. Traditional household cleaners such as glass and surface cleaners, floor and furniture polish, bathroom cleaners and air fresheners are loaded with high levels of toxic VOC’s, those hard to read chemicals actually cause more harm to our health and the environment than the dust bunnies do.

You would think that the huge CAUTION and DANGER disclaimers plastered all over cleaner bottles would deter us, but, sadly it isn’t. Presently, the commercial cleaning industry is one of the most profitable sectors in the market, which means we are spending tons of money on toxins. Why? Well, we are simply gullible, advertisers and manufacturers are pretty good at making us believe that a can of lavender scented chemicals can actually kill odors.

Now, I am not saying that they are lying, traditional cleaners are effective at killing germs and cleaning our messes, but the environmental and health risks involved drastically outweigh the rewards. The chemicals found in commercial cleaners have been linked to disorders such as allergies, asthma, infertility, internal acidity, liver and kidney damage and even cancer, and those same chemicals pollute our air by releasing toxic greenhouse gases. We must put an end to this madness.

Lucky for us though, that there are greener alternatives. As more people become aware of the dangers lurking in our cleaners, they are making the switch to greener plant based cleaners that clean and kill germs just as effectively as the traditional. However, green cleaners can be a bit on the expensive side, so here is another option: make your own. Making your own cleaners is a cheap way to clean without chemicals. Check out these simple recipes below!

DIY Household Cleaners

Air Fresheners: Mix up to 30 drops of essential oil with water and spray, Lavender and orange oil promotes happiness and serenity.

Kill airborne odors: Beautify your home with household plants, they absorb airborne toxins and improve air quality. Also, place natural activated charcoal chips in bathrooms, fridges and kitchens to absorb and eliminate odors.

Furniture polish: Shine your woods with a dab of enriching olive oil or coconut oil

All Purpose Disinfecting Cleaner: Mix 1/8 cup of castle soap with 20 drops of tea tree oil and one pint of warm water

Toilet Cleaner: Clean you loo with baking soda and vinegar

Mold Killer: Mix 2 teaspoons of tea tree oil with warm water and spray


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