What are the Benefits of Eating Organic?

The Benefits of Eating Organic
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Joanie McCorry

Eat your carrots! We have all been told that over and over by our parents, and as parents we tell our kids to eat their carrots and veggies.  Has eating your veggies become risky business? Consuming vegetables and unprocessed whole foods can now come with significant risks.  Do we pinch our pennies or do we focus on health, so we don’t pay for it later?

It’s a business like any other industry. The food industry is primarily concerned about the bottom line; making money.  Let’s just think about something for a minute, what are some money makers in our society?  The tobacco, alcohol and gambling industry are creating addictions and health risks. They sure don’t seem concerned about helping people. Thousands of people are dying each year. Tobacco and alcohol industries make it easier for the food industry to profit from a way that affects our health.  We need food, it’s crucial for us to survive.  When you look at your grocery Isles, you see processed foods.  Even your wheat is now processed from its original form.  Wheat allergies are becoming more and more common.  If you look at our cereals, breads, kids snacks, juice, pasta’s etc, it’s a processed world out there. It’s estimated that the majority of our diet is now processed.  Many of these foods don’t contain much nutritional value - some not any at all.

I have many books on eating healthy, being fit and avoiding the center Isles of a grocery store. But now we even have to avoid or fruit and veggies in the grocery store that aren’t labeled organic. It’s more expensive you say, what’s the difference anyway? There are NO CHEMICAL TOXINS sprayed on your organic food! When you have toxins on your fruits and veggies your body cannot detoxify properly. Your organs won’t be able to flush out the toxins and you will have a higher chance of getting cancer, skin disorders and other serious problems.  Your body is your vehicle; if you put cheap gas in your tank does it run well? Nope my car never did. It felt slower, rough and the ride felt different. When I put good gas in and changed the oil my car ran better. I am using this analogy because our bodies are the same. When we put good food and vitamins in our bodies we are more focused, can sleep better and are emotional health is more balanced. When we eat fast food and not exercise, we get tired and am emotional unbalanced. When we shop at our grocery stores, the conventionally grown food is sprayed with significant amounts of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, rodenticides, and chemical fertilizers.

Do you think ingesting these foods sprayed with these chemicals is safe?  We all wash our fruits and veggies, usually a quick rinse under the tap. But most of these chemicals absorb into the skin of the vegetables or fruits. Very similar to applying cream to our skin and it is absorbed right away. Organic foods have more nutritious and nutrient levels than conventionally farmed food. Conventional farmers deplete there soil, and the food has less nutrient quantities. Organic farming replenishes the soil and keeps it full of nutrients for the crops to absorb.

 What are the Facts about Buying Organic?

-Organic farmers employ mechanical and cultural tools; careful crop selection, and biological controls such as predator insects and beneficial micro organisms use natural pesticides.
-It’s not GMO, what does that mean? It’s not genetically altered in a lab. Organic food is nature not scientific.
-Buying certified organic animal products ensure where raised humanely, not fed any chemicals, drugs, or hormones.
-No irradiation (no radiation in their fields)
-It’s certified ( is thoroughly tested, free from chemical exposure for 3 years, free from chemical genetic ingredients, not raised or produced with drugs or hormones and can’t be irradiated.

The Benefits of Eating Organic

–Better Health
–Environment Safety
–Better Taste
–Animal Welfare

By shopping local and organic you will find positive benefits such as better tasting veggies and fruit. While knowing your dollar is staying in your community.


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