Fashion, Recycling, Upcycling and Local Designers!

Spring 2017; Fashion, Recycling, Upcycling and Local Designers!
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The fashion world is making big global changes toward a sustainable future. This Spring we are seeing a big shift! The words that describe that the positive changes are happening are ethical fashion, conscious collections, practical, bicycle, local communities, responsible trade and local manufacturing. 

So What is Hot and Sustainable for Spring 2017!

Enhanced transparency within the supply chain—both social and environmental—will be at the foundation of this movement and linking sustainability and the stories behind clothing will continue to grow in importance to consumers.

Fashion Trends this Spring!

Well, it's an inherently upbeat season. From the many no-holds-barred interpretations on the 1980s (think lamé, jumbo frills, shoulders, bling and legs) to the most saturated colour palette we've seen in a decade (fuschia, scarlet, heliotrope, hazmat, more fuschia!), joy is oozing from every stitch and every seam. Even stripes and florals—those two trusty pillars of the summer print lineup—are back with more bite, more verve and more tempting iterations to make you think again and look twice.

Victoria designers are on fire with sustainable fashion! Local designers include Shannon Munro, Oxford, Wawaha, Migration Boutique, Covet + Keep, Ola Dubois, Teresa Lindsay, Oxford, Sarah Runnells, Nikki Babie, Trista Smith, The Makehouse and Dellis. Where can fashion-minded women enjoy great style and design without compromising their values and environmental consciousness? At Not Just Pretty of course! Inspired by the emerging direction of style and sustainability in fashion, our founder Pam Skelton opened an eco-boutique in 2005 that presented the very best in vibrant and cutting edge fashion, with a focus on environmental and social responsibility.

Smoking Lily whom specializes in house-made designs and local supplies. Smoking Lily has assortment of women and men's fashions, accessories and home ware. Lyssa's Stitchery uses vintage materials wherever possible, bringing a bit of history into the present; a rebellion against the current model of mass produced, disposable clothing, in favor of well-made, durable garments, styled by hand with love and care. offering costume design, custom clothing design, garment modification, up-cycling, & alterations.
The Fashion world is moving forward in becoming eco chic!


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