Feed Your Dream Courage

Having dreams is easy. Following our dreams takes deep personal courage.
Photo Attribution: 
Jennifer Davies

"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." - Howard Thurman

We are all dreamers, in some shape or form. We all have desires. We all want to accomplish great things, somehow, sometime.

Having dreams is easy. Following our dreams takes deep personal courage. It requires a certain willingness to look into what serves our spirits, and what doesn’t. To listen to our
hearts, and make changes where needed. We must feed our dreams, just as we feed our bodies.

A good starting point is simply writing them down. Allowing them space outside our thoughts. This is an exercise I think everyone should do on a regular basis. We get so caught up in our day to day existence. It can be cathartic to take a pen, and blurt out, on paper, everything that you dream about. What are the things that you want to accomplish in life? What would you do if money/time/etc. were not an issue or blockage? What would you do if embracing your personal power did not feel ‘selfish’ to you?

Take a piece of paper, and without thinking at all, write down everything that comes into your head about your dreams for your life. About who you really are, what you
really want, what your values are, and what you want to bring to life. This is stream- of-consciousness writing. Let it flow. It doesn’t have to be pretty. Then look for key words.
You may have to spurt out fears, doubts, negative thoughts, and worries before you get to the good stuff : the dreams of your heart.

Here is a prayer to offer up before you start writing, to whomever or whatever you pray to : ‘Please help me to have the courage to follow my own heart, no matter what other people think. For it is by doing this that I will truly heal.’ You will feel most alive, when you are living in the light of who you really are. Shift from living within the power of how people perceive you or label you. Shift from caring too much about fitting in to some pre-determined context or definable personality. When, ultimately, being yourself is the most beautiful, lovely thing you could ever be. There are many nay- sayers, caution-takers, and go-with-the-flow-ers out there. So I believe in the power of speaking aloud our dreams. Creating our own realities. Regardless of what others say, or think. Our dreams are more likely to manifest if we first

prepare the ground by speaking them out into the atmosphere, giving them credence and space. If we stay silent and never speak about them, they will wither away and contort, in the silent depths of our unspoken heart. Things left unsaid and undreamed are like clogged arteries from over eating. There is no one to be accountable to but yourself. There is no life to live but this one. Honor your beautiful heart.

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