Get Inspired - Ambitious and Innovative Green Movements around the World

Get Inspired - Ambitious and Innovative Green Movements around the World
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The green movement has taken the world by storm in recent decades, in large part due to the widespread acceptance that global warming is indeed a real threat that must be combated now. As such, environmental movements have sprung up around the world to educate people on environmental awareness and protect both local and international resources from disappearing or becoming damaged. What are some of the most interesting and ambitious environmental movements occurring around the world today?

The Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs - China
The Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs in China as founded by journalist Ma Jun in 2006. Jun’s vision helped create a database of over 14,000 instances of pollution by almost 10,000 companies to map the environmental safety of bodies of water throughout China. People can go online and look at the Institute’s interactive map of China that shows where documented pollution has occurred and check the safety standards of rivers and lakes. Since 2008, companies that violate national pollution laws are required to notify local media of any environmental safety issues they come against. The Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs has already made a big impact. Some companies that were identified have already attempted to remedy their negative ratings by explaining their situations or by instituting new policies. This is one of the only NGOs that holds businesses accountable in this way in the country.

Project Tiger - India
Project Tiger began in India in 1973 by the government to protect one of the country’s national treasures - tigers. Tigers are one of the most endangered animals on the planet and require large areas of undeveloped land to prosper. Through Project Tiger, the Indian government was able to establish several tiger reserves throughout the country beginning with Corbett National Park in Uttaranchal. Now these reserves cover 38,620 KM2. They focus their energies on eliminating human activity in the protected areas, restoring the natural habitat that has been altered by human use to its original form, and carrying out research on tigers and other wildlife in the area. Thanks to this organization, the tiger population in India has made a comeback from the brink of extinction.

The Green Belt Movement - Kenya/Africa
The Green Belt Movement was founded by Professor Wangari Maathai with the National Council of Women in Kenya in 1977 to help rural women who were slowly losing access to fresh water, food supplies, and wood for burning. Maathai quickly realized that the desperate situations of these women were coming about in large part due to environmental degradation and therefore, protecting the environment would could help. Now the Green Belt Movement focuses on community empowerment and education, advocacy, and tree planting. It has helped thousands of people get access to clean water and decent food throughout the Kenyan region.

These are only a tasting of the innovative and ambitious green projects occurring around the world today. In the US, cities like Oregon and California are also implementing creative environmental initiatives to guarantee the safety of our planet through companies like Columbia Sportswear Co., while on the other side of the pond companies like Green Label UK are helping make the islands more environmentally conscious by providing consumers with organically-made clothing. Saving the planet is a challenge that needs ambitious solutions like these to make a difference.


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