DIY Dog Treats; Spoil Your Dog and Your Wallet

"Spoil your Dog"
Photo Attribution: 
Joanie McCorry

These days we have a whole isle dedicated to our dogs. Brand name after brand name lines the shelving. It is not simple anymore, there are biscuits for young dogs, short dogs, fat dogs and they even have bacon flavor biscuits. 

Where do you begin?

In recent news it was shown that a recall of pet food tainted with melamine, a chemical used to make plastic products, has been widened to include 22 types of dog biscuits, the Food and Drug Administration said.  Knowing this information you’re protecting your prize pooch and your wallet. By baking your own treats, you and your dog can figure out what works best for your dog’s tummy. 

Fresh and homemade dog biscuits are better for your dogs coat and skin while fun to make.

Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits

What you need:
¼c. Peanut butter (all-natural is best)
1 egg
½c. Whole wheat flour (Gluten-Free is Optional)
½c. Oatmeal

What to do:
Put all the ingredients in the food processor and process until crumbly. Add enough water to create dough. Roll out to ¼in. thickness and cut into desired shapes. Bake on an ungreased cookie sheet at 350° F until cookies are hard and brown. Makes about a dozen.


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