Can you Imagine a Life Without Driving?

Can you Imagine a Life Without Driving?
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Piotr Menducki

Generation after generations we have always loved our cars. Despite a rise in our gas prices, inflation and increased awareness of our environmental impact many of us can’t imagine a life without driving.

With our busy lives and hectic schedules it can seem impossible to get around without our vehicles. The reality is 83% percent of Canadians who own their cars are going to continue to use them.

Fuel efficient hybrids are such a great invention, not only for our planet but for the savings on gas in the long run.

The 40% percent mileage improvement of a hybrid engine is awesome! Every year The Green Car Vision Award is granted by the Green Car Journal. In contrast with its Green Car of the Year award, which only considers production vehicles that make the most significant environmental advancements, the Green car vision award considers pre-production vehicles with more than one functional prototype in existence and that may be in the early stages of commercialization.

Vehicles that are part of a demonstration fleet or other program that finds them regularly driven by people other than employees of their manufacturer may be in the early stages of commercialization. Vehicles that are part of a demonstration fleet or other than employees of their manufacturer may also be considered.
Nominees may also include a modification of an existing vehicle model, such as a conversion to another type of power like electric drive.

The Green Car Vision Award was created in 2008, and the winners are announced at the Washington Auto Show Winners.

It’s very encouraging to know that more and more manufactures are on board with our environment and our creating cars such as Electric Cars or Hybrids. Chevy Volt which operates as a pure battery electric vehicle until its plug-in battery capacity drops to a predetermined threshold from full charge.

What is a Hybrid Car? A hybrid car is quite similar to a gasoline-powered car except that in this case, there are two or more sources of power. In a hybrid car, one source of power is generally gasoline and or solar energy, electric batteries and so on. According to Toyota, the Prius Liftback and Prius C remain the liquid –fueled vehicles with the best fuel efficiency in U.S. Both cars are rated by the Epa at combined 50 mpg if the user does a lot of short drives and plugs it in between trips, although its electric range of 60 to 11 miles is the lowest of any plug-in car sold today.

The demand for greener driving is growing.  So what can we do to make the positive change before purchasing your hybrids or electric cars?  We can make a mindful choice to leave our cars at home and walk to work, take the bus or ride a bike. Plan your trip before you do your errands, make sure your tires have enough air, don’t idle your car, go into the restaurant and not leave your engine going while in drive through and drive the speed limit.

You don’t have stop loving your car, just love it a little less and be conscious of your usage. Take that extra minute and ask yourself “baby should I drive my car”.



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