Won't You BEE My Neighbor?

Photo Attribution: 
Joanie McCorry

Do you remember growing up in the eighties when your street was your playground? Playing in your neighborhood and when everyone’s backyards were all connected. Our parents were all friends and they would have barbecues and help each other with certain tasks.

Why don't we make an effort to know our neighbors? Here are some of the words that came up when interviewing neighbors in my apartment; avoid drama, it’s not the norm, privacy, more distractions with daily living and not enough time. With this being said, everyone is a stranger until we say hello. Let’s build community on act of kindness and knowing our neighbors.

Being greeted when you move into your new apartment or your neighborhood with a bag of coffee, cookies or even just a friendly smile or handshake will make you feel so welcome. The spirit of being a good neighbor is infectious and not helps not only shape our neighborhoods, but also helped teach our kids what is meant to “love your neighbor.

"It takes a village to raise a child"