Body, Mind and Spirit

"Addressing the prompting of our spirit will manifest in energy and creativity in our body and mind."
Photo Attribution: 
Joanie McCorry

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven society, it is easy to de-connect from ourselves. We de-connect from the physicality of our bodies, and from the whisperings of our hearts. This is our present day reality. It takes effort to ‘spend’ time leisurely, to notice and appreciate beauty, to listen.

Sometimes our body is seen as a machine. One that gets us places, performs functions, does the job. Not truly thought about until it breaks down, through a physical or chronic disease. Our mind is put on a pedestal (“I think, therefore I am”). It goes along smoothly, exalted, until there is a change, such as depression, or inability to concentrate and sleep, throwing the mind out of balance. Our spirit, also identified as our soul/ heart/ energy, is not even addressed. Or if it is, it is boxed into the spiritual, religious, or mystical corner of our lives, seen as an entirely separate modality. Our spirit also encounters change, through transition away from a childhood belief system, or towards a new belief system, or simply through coming to know ourselves better.

In all three – body, mind, and spirit – when one is out of balance, it is usually treated and seen separately from the others. In the holistic approach, body, mind and spirit are seen as intricately interconnected. What this means is that, when one is affected, the other two are as well. If the body has a physical disease, the mind and spirit are involved. If the mind is altered by a mental impediment, the body and spirit are a part of that. And if the spirit undergoes a ‘spiritual crisis’, such as a loss of faith or epiphany of self, the body and mind are also intimately linked to this process.

When we pursue health and wellness, whether by personal choice or when our hand is forced by a physical/mental illness or spiritual crisis, we should consider our body, mind, and spirit as being interdependent. Adapting our diets to include more whole, nutrient-filled foods will supply the body and mind with fuel to perform and heal. Moving and exercising our body will support our mind and spirit by generating positive moods and a clear head. Finally, addressing the prompting of our spirit will manifest in energy and creativity in our body and mind.

Through learning to see the mind, body, and spirit as integrated, and not separate, we will learn to honor ourselves, and to activate our own inner grace. We will learn to embody the saying “I am blessed to be”. My body can move and express movement, my mind think and express thoughts, and my spirit feel and express beauty. All three work together in harmony to create wholeness, health and well-being.

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