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Jennifer Davies

Abundance is everywhere; all we have to do is accept abundance into our life! Why do we think we are not worth love, success, health or happiness at times? Is it because we have been programmed since we could hear, speak, walk or talk; that we don't deserve the prosperity.  We have limitations, strong holds or soul ties whichever you would like to call them; we have all had negative holds on our dreams, relationships, etc. These thoughts manifest such feelings as fear, anxiety, health problems, depression and paralyzed thoughts. At a young age we are taught to have a tough skin, let it roll of your shoulders etc. We don't have to be paralyzed anymore! The world is truly and infinitely ABUNDANT! I have been working on this belief for years and years.

My first book that a good friend gave me was "You can Heal your Life" by Louise.L Hay I was 20 yrs old, the second book I received was "Excuses Be Gone" by Dr. Wayne Dyer and then I have watched the movie "The Secret" and "What the Bleep Do You Know" all underlying the effects of negative beliefs. By making a change of your inner dialog you will start to see positive changes in your external reality. It is the law of attraction, the law of the universe that what we focus on we receive. If it’s good we receive good, if its negative we receive negative. That is where gratitude comes into play.

When we live in gratitude we are being mindful. When we wake up we say we are grateful, eat and before we go to bed we say why we are grateful. It is being aware of what is good in our lives. Gratitude journaling is the most satisfying form of writing; you can also have a gratitude blog if you would like to share. You could make a fun journal for yourself, buy one or the more sustainable option would be writing online or on your computer. You could blog or just create your own personal file on your computer.  I also create a Vision Board where I find images out of magazines that I rip out and paste on a board and hang it either in my office or wherever you feel most like being motivated. I like having a pen and paper by my bedside where I write about why I am grateful for the day I had before I go to bed.
What I do is write about 3-5 things or events that happened in a day.


Some start off positive and some start off negative, you just have to find a blessing from each thing. 

I am grateful for my family and friends.
I am grateful that my son is healthy and I am healthy.

Just write down a few things for why you are grateful for the day. You will find that you will be smiling more and life will seem more enjoyable and you will attract a higher vibration.

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