Let Fear Open You Up

"Never give up on your dreams"

So often we struggle against the flow of change. When change is the very thing we need. It helps us create, and re-create our lives, the way we want them to be. It is always there, waiting for us. To simply tune in, lean in, and allow it to flow. Waiting for us to open ourselves up to it. Fear usually gets in the way, though. When change comes, just when we could get swept up into its life-altering momentum, and carried away to wonderful new things, fear steps up and creates a roadblock. The question is: how can we deal with this in a constructive way?

We’ve all heard the wise saying: feel the fear and do it anyway; and we may already know in our head, or deep down in our psyche, that everything we need is within us. All the wisdom, courage, and know-how, is already within us. The challenge then becomes, getting out of our head, and into our much brighter, more accurate intuition. Our gut feelings, hunches, and impressions of ‘just knowing’ that something is right. These are our great teacher and guide. We need to dig into this in order to feel our fear but do it anyway.

As we open up our arms wide to life, to our own intuition and wisdom, in spite of our fears, we begin to see that what is already there, is already good. The good is always there. But so often we fail to see it because we are looking beyond it to the unobtainable perfect. Somehow, each day, we need to just keep showing up to our life. In all its guts and glory, pain, fear, and raw beauty. To see that, as it is, it is enough. And as we embrace and move through our fears, we will build on what is already there, to create more wonderful opportunities.

This is all that we have to do. Just keep showing up, facing up to our fears. Trying, as best as we can, to open ourselves up to the flow of change, that is happening right now. The universe is a Yes universe. It is always saying yes to us. It is ourselves who stop, who deny, who waver, and who fear. We stop ourselves from getting to the good, because we are too hung up on our fears.

The journey of self-discovery is hard. And should we choose it, we must simply keep showing up to it. This means grappling with our fears. This journey inside ourselves will help us to create our own stories. When we know who we are, and what makes us happy, we will be able to, boldly and confidently, create our own life stories. The power to change is in our hands, and belongs to no one else.

In this shaping of our story, in the midst of this creating and transforming, it is hard not to be deeply scared sometimes. But again, we just need to keep showing up, each day, to our lives. Show up and do our best. Open our being to opportunity. Say yes, even if we feel that nothing is happening. It is. Trust life. Trust that it will come through for you.

Be bold. Be faithful to your journey. Show up to your life, afresh, each day. And life will meet you. Great things are in store. Remember that your beauty, worth, and courage are showcased in the vulnerability and fear that you feel. Sometimes our areas of greatest resistance are our areas of greatest liberation. As you show up, and put yourself into the flow of life, only good can come of it. As you say yes, and believe in love and purpose. As you labor, and never give up on your dreams. As you create your own reality. I truly believe that only good can come of it.

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