How to Eliminate Pests In The Home -The Environmentally Friendly Way

"An environmentally safe insect control treatment will need to be done continually for a couple of weeks to a month."
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People do not like having insects in their homes. To control the insects, they will often resort to using harmful chemical pesticides. However, there are environmentally friendlier products to use in the home to get rid of the pests. These products do not offer the harmful side effects that can be seen when using chemical pesticides.

An environmentally friendly solution is using a nontoxic substance to treat the areas for insects such as roaches and fleas. These substances are not harmful to humans, but they are lethal to the insects. This friendly nontoxic solution can be applied to the carpets, furniture and outdoor lawn area. You can search for these products in stores, online or by consulting with a pest control service. Some pest and termite control companies will offer an eco friendly alternative for treating pests.

To treat termites, a termite control service can inject an environmentally friendly product into the wood to prevent the termites from eaten your home. The injection will soak into the wood and kill the termite eggs and insects. This method will control the termites without invading the home with harmful chemicals.

A simple solution to stop ants from invading the home is to use soap mixed with water. Place the solution in a spray bottle and spray the ant trails. The soap is a nontoxic method to stop an ant invasion.

An environmentally safe insect control treatment will need to be done continually for a couple of weeks to a month. Since the insects will continue to lay eggs after the initial treatment, the treatments will need to be reapplied until the home is pest free for at least two weeks.

Environmentally safe insect control offers you many benefits. Besides a pest-free home, the home is healthier. The family is not at risk since the products do not have any long lasting health risks. With some chemical pest treatments, individuals may suffer severe and life threatening health issues. With environmentally safe products, you are getting an effective pest treatment without the health risks.

Many pest control companies are focusing on using less toxic products for managing insects. These non toxic products are being used in hospitals, schools and other places to prevent health hazards. Along with the use of eco friendly products, maintaining proper conditions inside and outside of the home is important. For instance, homes with moisture problems are more prone to pest invasions. Homes with poor sanitation are breeding grounds for some pests. In addition, food should be stored in sealed containers to prevent pest infestations. Therefore, to rid the home of insects, you should maintain the home in a manner that will not entice the insects. With ongoing inspections and monitoring of the home, you can rid the home of the insects in a safe manner.

In the past, environmentally friendly products did not seem to work as well as the chemical products did. However, many types of insects have become immune to the chemical treatments since insects are more adaptive to their surroundings. To keep your home free of insects, you should keep your home clean. In addition, to eliminate entry points into the home, you should seal the windows and door frames. Then, apply an environmentally friendly product when needed. Your home and family will be happier and healthier.  

Authored by guest writer Sarah Smith


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