Imagine by ChangeThePallet.Org

Imagine by ChangeThePallet.Org
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Jennifer Davies

Imagination plays a central role in our home, as it does in most families. A few days ago, my four year old
was thinking back on a recent trip to Cannon Beach. In his words: “Dat place with dat big rock, you know,
Eagle Rock, because it has lots of Eagles. Well, they’re not all Bald Eagles. Some of them are, but not all of

Of course, he took some liberties with the facts, but his imagination was hard at work recreating the feel of
the sand, the sound of the ocean, the sight of a man with a handcrafted soap weaver that made the biggest
bubbles you’ve ever seen, and the way those giant bubbles drifted slowly in the breeze. All of it wondrous
and magical to a grown man, let alone a child just making his way in the world.

In my previous submission, I suggested that dreaming of a “greener” world is a critical first step in
addressing climate change. As Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”
Imagination plays an equally crucial role as the world shifts its attention from debating climate change to
attacking it through new technologies, process improvement and “smarter” energies. Imagination, after all,
is the root of innovation, and innovation drives systemic change of the type that can create the scale
needed to be impactful.

The central role that imagination has played in the evolution of the human race is also well understood.
Early settlers in North America imagined a better life for their families. The Wright Brothers imagined what
it would be like to fly. President Kennedy, and many others, imagined what it would be like to send
astronauts to the moon.
There is no magic light switch for climate change. The only tools are education, innovation, Voice, and hard

Change the Pallet ( applies these tools, and our imagination, in search of a North
America where the same massive amount of food, products and supplies are transported on 15% fewer
trucks and planes. Think about that for a minute. If there are, hypothetically, 100 million trucks each year
transporting product, that would be 15 million few truck trips.

That imagined world with 15 million fewer truck trips has substantially fewer highway fatalities, reduced
traffic, better air quality, and other tangible benefits to cities, states, provinces, and families. That world
also requires one fewer plane out of every ten to move product around the world, thereby reducing
greenhouse gases by an amount that would challenge any emission-reducing initiative in the world.

The path to that imagined world is not easy, and we could use your help. Our petition can be found at

Do signatures matter? When we requested a meeting with a U.S. governor, her office said “show me the
wind blowing.”

Our goal is a gusting 100,000 signatures. We currently have 50. We really can use your help.
If you do choose to lend your Voice to our cause, please click the “Share on Facebook” box on the petition
page to let your friends and family know you’ve “voted” in favor of fewer trucks and emissions.

Don’t forget to imagine, and here’s hoping you’re able to get your children to the sand and water soon.