Interview: Meet Chef Fauna & Team of Ca Va| Bistro Moderne

" Fresh, Flavorful, Local and Organic Food"
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Samuel Binette

BG: How did your business get started and when?

CV: My journey started when I reached 25 years of age. I traveled to Asia with my partner, who was a restaurant manager. One day, I just had this sense of urgency to call home to Victoria to Camosun College and register for cooking school. I moved home ended up graduating from Camosun's Culinary Arts Program.

I then moved to Australia and did a 4 year apprenticeship under a traditional, and strict, French Chef.  My goal and intentions were always to one day open my own French/ Australian Restaurant in Victoria. So I built my foundation with the best French training and then once my apprenticeship was over I moved on to the next chapter!  When I moved to Sydney, Australia, I started a job as a sous chef at "Brown Sugar" in Bondi Beach.  I worked there for 2 years just getting my feet wet.  I fell in love with the style, direction and cuisine Brown Sugar. It was here that my idea was born; my inspiration came from "Brown Sugar", and that is when I came back home to Victoria to buy a house and start building my dream.

Ça Va opened in Fernwood in December 2012. 

BG: What is Modern Australian Cuisine? 

CV: Modern Australian cuisine involves the mixing of completely different ethnic traditions. Potent Asian flavors such as lemon grass, coriander, chili, and cardamom can be blended into many European or French Cuisine. 

BG: What are the things that make your business unique and sustainable?

CV: We aim to take full advantage of as many locally grown, seasonal and organic products as possible. With so many vibrant farms and small businesses readily available, our creative capabilities are nearly endless.  As well as being trained in traditional French style cooking, we hope to offer our skills, knowledge and imagination in all our food. Our pork belly comes from Still Meadow Farm in Metchosin and our scallops from Little Qualicum.  We also serve local, freshly caught salmon from Ocean Wise. We also provide our patrons with the finest coffee from Drum Roaster Coffee made in Mill Bay. Our wines are also local and organic. We even have an organic Single Malt Scotch from Scotland - Bruichladdich Scotch. 

BG: Why buy Local?

CV: By supporting other small businesses, we reduce are carbon footprint and build relationships within our community.  Plus, fresh and local ingredients taste better!

BG: Is your restaurant built from any recycled material?

CV: Yes, actually, our bar is made from a local piece of fir that was made in Sidney B.C. 

BG: What is your goal for Ça Va?

CV:  The goal of Ça Va is to be approachable to our community, provide excellent customer service and cuisine.

Thank you so much Ça Va for bee-ing green! Cheers the Bee Green Team


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