Living Present

"There is only one journey, going inside yourself." Rainer Maria Rilke
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Joanie McCorry

"There is only one journey, going inside yourself." Rainer Maria Rilke

I have a dream that we may all learn and know what it means to be fully present, to appreciate now. To know that our highs, and our lows; our sweets, and our hurts are all a vital part of our now. That being present allows us to be at peace, in a way we could not achieve otherwise. Wherever you are, whatever is happening. Let it be so. It can be such a hard struggle to find that elusive space in between our past and present: our now. The harmony comes when we accept our present, no matter what it is. It does not alter our whole. It does not alter the wholeness of life and the universe. It simply allows us to rest. It is so easy to think along these lines: How can I find peace and wholeness in this very moment, when I feel this way? When this big issue, or this big feeling is here? Right now, when it’s like this? When you feel this way, try to look back over your life, at other, previous big things, big issues, big feelings…. which have sorted themselves out and come to a resolution. These circumstances have, ultimately, become apart of the flow of life, a part of you.  Each of these experiences were a compilation of their own present moments. Therefore, we must believe that whatever we are experiencing in our present, will also come to a resolution, in its own time. It is in fact, as it should be, a part of the whole. Can we truly believe that in this very moment we are whole, healthy, happy, and well? That we are where we should be in the scheme of things? Yes, we can choose to believe this.

Your dreams will be realized. And yes, what you must also know is that your dreams are now. Your dreams are in this moment. Every present moment makes up the fabric and the whole of your life. Every present moment becomes your future, and your past. But that is not your concern, only now is your concern. So rest in this, your present. Amidst your ever-changing life, rest and breathe. Yes, even if in this moment you feel sad, angry, or weary. This moment is right. This moment is now. It plays a vital role in the fabric of the whole of your life. You are made up of many parts. No time is ever lost. No thing is ever wasted. When you take a moment to look back over your life, you’ll see that changes have indeed come. The changes you longed for so fervently, one, five, or ten years ago.

They have come. Why, then, is it so hard to see that the changes you long for now, will come, too. They will come in their own time. Life is ever evolving. Often these changes come slower, and more organically, than we expected. And this is the trust we must have in life. That the changes we long for will come. But they will most likely come slowly, over the flow of time. We must be patient, and live day to day, moment to moment. Knowing that our present is already enough. It is already beautiful and good. It is already a dream come true.

We don’t usually know when we are ready, or for what. Life knows, though.

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