The Many Health Benefits of Oil Pulling…with Coconut Oil

"Oil Pulling is an ancient auyrvedic technique"
Photo Attribution: 
Beth McDonald

I have been hearing a lot of great things about oil pulling!! So once again, I decided to find out for myself.  Oil Pulling is an ancient auyrvedic technique used to generally detoxify  the body and claims are made it can assist in aiding a wide variety of health issues like tooth and gum decay, headaches, bronchitis, sinusitis and the list goes on.

It’s believed that swishing around oil in the mouth for 20 minutes can attract bacteria, fungi, toxins and parasites out of the body. As the saliva moves throughout the mouth the oil binds with the undesirable debris. 

Sesame oil is traditionally used for oil pulling, but we’ve learned about the many health benefits of coconut oil. More specifically it’s antimicrobial properties and healthy pro-biotic strains.

Why to Oil Pull:

 - Improves gum health

 - Re-mineralizes teeth and combats plaque

 - Diminishes halitosis (bad breath) 

- Clears mucous out of sinuses and throat

 - Beneficial to skin

 - Regulated menstrual cycles

 - Improved lymphatic system

 - Improved PMS symptoms

How to Oil Pull:

- 1 teaspoon of Coconut oil

- Best times to oil pull are in the morning on an empty stomach but can be done anytime of the day…2 hours after meals. Many prefer to oil pull during their morning shower and spit when then shower is finished

- Swish the oil around in your mouth, in and out of teeth. Relax! Don’t try and a race the process like they do in the mouthwash commercials, or your jaw will get sore, and you will feel the need to empty your mouth (if so you can start again)

- It’s suggested you wait until the oil gets milky to discard

- When 20 mins is up rinse with salt water or brush your teeth.


- Blow your noise prior to oil pulling, blocked sinuses will make it hard to swish oil throughout mouth

- If phlegm comes into the mouth, making pulling inconvenient, spit and do pulling with fresh oil again.

- You can sneeze or cough while holding oil in a mouth. If you have to sneeze or cough through mouth do it in the sink or some such place to avoid oil driblets spray all over or cover mouth with tissue paper.

My Personal Experience:

At first it the melting coconut oil was far from palatable when it was breaking down in my mouth.. When it did liquefy (approx 1 min), I felt more comfortable and laid down in bed, watched a television program for 20 minutes swishing the oil around slowly in my mouth. At 15 minutes, I was ready to throw in the towel, but I made it to the full 20! Practice makes perfect! Throughout the evening, I noticed a lot of mucous clearing from my throat and nose. From my health explorations and training with various practitioners, a reaction means something is happening the body, even if it’s undesirable.  That night I slept very well, and woke up clearing my throat. I’m going to continue oil pulling for 2 weeks, I’ll keep you posted!

(Candida and Streptococcus are common residents in your mouth, and it's these germs and their toxic waste products that cause plaque accumulation and tooth decay, in addition to secondary infections and chronic inflammation throughout your body. Oil pulling can help lessen the overall toxic burden on your immune system by preventing the spread of these organisms from your mouth to the rest of your body, by way of your bloodstream.) Dr. Joseph Mercola