Natural Remedies for Kicking your Cold to the Curb

Natural Remedies for Kicking your Cold to the Curb
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Sebastian Smit

Listen to your body when you feel like you need to drink lots of orange juice and have chicken soup. Our bodies know what we need!  These home remedies will help you get better faster!


Garlic is one of the oldest cold cures; garlic has been used for hundreds of years to treat ailments. When buying garlic you look for plump succulent bulbs. Garlic also comes in capsules too so you don’t have to ingest the strong raw garlic.  It also can be beneficial for a lymphatic drainage massage behind your ears and lymph nodes in your neck. Just mix olive oil and cloves of garlic to make a rub.

Orange Juice

Vitamin C is now known to improve the immune system and fight against infection.  Oranges have high amounts of vitamin C and drinking juice is not only refreshing but will hydrate you when dehydrated. According to researchers a clinical study was performed at Helsinki University, vitamin C may shorten an adult's cold duration by as much as a half day and a child's by a full day.

Chicken Soup

Cuddle up on the couch with your tissue and movies and enjoy a cup of chicken soup.  This cold cure has proven beneficial properties and continues to be the old fashioned remedy for many families.  According to researchers, chicken soup has anti-inflammatory properties and helps speed up mucus.  Chicken soup is a comforting and tasty cure.

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