Nature Vision Board

"Nature Vision Boards"
Photo Attribution: 
Dan Sonce

Create a natural vision board with your children. When going for a hike or a stroll on the beach make sure you bring a cloth bag and have fun collecting twigs, rocks, leaves and shells. 

What You Need

Natural items such as mosses, leaves, twigs, bark, flowers, grasses and seeds

Cardboard, grocery paper bags and piece of wood

Glue or a glue gun

What To Do

After you collect your leaves, twigs and flowers you can start to designing your masterpiece. 

Place the cardboard or grocery paper bag down, and then have the kids start gluing the beautiful nature objects onto the cardboard canvas.

If using a glue gun, make sure an adult is there to supervise. 

Let dry either by hanging or laying somewhere flat for a few days

Now you and your kids will have a fun collage and reminder of your fun day out! 



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