New Year’s Resolution: Love Yourself

New Year’s Resolution: Love Yourself
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For this New Year I wish for you: grace and love for yourself.  Acceptance of yourself, wherever you are at, and whatever New Year’s resolutions you may have made or not made. I wish for you the wisdom to look at who you are, and who you’ve become, and feel only love toward that person.

Along with the inrush of energy that comes with a New Year, also come more expectations, more goal setting, and more plans that can fail. Instead of looking at what you will do, look at who you are. The essence of which you are, your dreams, uniqueness, and life force, are the same this year, as last year. You are the same beautiful person. How much will you accept that person this year? Instead of making goals, take the time simply to be. Be with yourself. Acknowledge the beauty of your being. Open yourself up to the breadth of grace that is needed for this. Look at how your thoughts are
shaping your reality. Rather than making plans to change, simply focus on thinking positive things. Everything else in your life will follow; in it’s perfect, appointed time. Make something beautiful out of your life by transforming your thought life. This is the change you need. Not a new fitness plan or a new meal plan. These things will follow naturally, as you adjust your thought patterns, and what you put out. Just as you can do a food cleanse, try a thought cleanse. What are some of the negative thoughts that may be holding you back, keeping you stuck in unhealthy patterns? In any problem or challenge that you face, the root lies in your thought life. Once we become truly aware of this, we can then begin to look inside ourselves, with grace, kindness, and compassion and say: what needs to change is the way that I think. I could stop tormenting and abusing myself in my thoughts. Stop expecting perfection of myself. Stop getting caught up in negative thought loops. This is my choice.

I choose to feel deep love and gratitude for myself. All we need to do is take the first, tiny step. Crack open our spirits, just a little. Follow the prompting of your wise heart.  Realize, afresh, this New Year, that no time is ever wasted. Life is simply life; beautiful, messy, hard, disappointing, sometimes sorrowful, and sometimes joyful and inspired. No experience is wasted, especially the most challenging ones. Our greatest lesson to learn is to truly accept and love it all, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Know that it is all an intricate part of this beautiful, messy concoction called life. This is our life, with a strong life force coursing through it. There are no mistakes, there are only our choices, and then our reactions, and then our choices again.

May you have the grace to see and accept this, and to be in it, in this fresh New Year.

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