Send Us Your Video by ChangeThePallet.Org

Send Us Your Video by ChangeThePallet.Org
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Fighting for system-wide change in the U.S. and Canada is a little like running as fast as you can into a brick wall, day in and day out. Gains are incremental, at best. The losses stack up.

Far from complaining, I am honored to lead an effort to educate Corporate North America, and policymakers. Real Change is possible, and the opportunity to cut emissions by hundreds of millions of metric tons does not come along very often.

One of the most rewarding aspects of our work is meeting like-minded organizations and people that strive to make the world a better place. That is why our little team at Change the Pallet is truly honored to be a featured BeeGreen contributor. What differentiates BeeGreen from other magazines and “green” sites is that effecting meaningful, and lasting, Change forms its core reason for being. Indeed, BeeGreen inspires us to live and think differently, and to teach our children to do the same.

BeeGreen has been instrumental in helping focus my attention to the fundamentals of engaging a broader community of people who care about the environment, and to inspiring Action.

In that connection, Change the Pallet is pleased to announce the launch of a fun campaign called “Ask a It is our hope that the BeeGreen community will join us in raising awareness, increasing dialogue, and driving the largest companies in Canada and the United States to cut global warming-causing carbon emissions by millions of metric tons. We also hope you’ll encourage others to join in the fun.

First, some brief background. This past Saturday, I had the good fortune to meet the Portland host of NPR’s All Things Considered. In less than three minutes, she had grasped the conundrum we face with Corporate North America, and asked the “one-hundred-million-metric-tons-of-CO2e” question:
“If switching to corrugated pallets is proven to save companies billions of dollars and cut CO2e by a game-changing amount, why isn’t anyone doing this?” As supporters of Change the Pallet know, this question has a simple answer: U.S. retailers such as Walmart and Costco do not allow corrugated paper pallets (by matter of policy), thereby blocking the market for this crucially important sustainable technology.

And so we are left with a puzzle: how does the collective WE convince Corporate North America to allow paper pallets to be delivered to their facilities? For three years I’ve been asked why Retailers refuse shipments on corrugated pallets. Frankly, I’m tired of having to answer for them and suggest that WE make them answer. And so today, we offer a bold new idea on how to trigger systemic change among the biggest companies in the world: Ask a Retailer™.

The premise is simple. The next time you’re at a retail store (grocery, big box, etc.), ask to see the manager and then pose the following questions to him or her: “Why doesn’t your company ship to your stores on corrugated pallets, which have been proven to reduce emissions and can be recycled?” “I understand that most North American retailers refuse shipments on corrugated paper pallets by policy. Is your company one of them?”

For those of you who choose to Take Action and video your Ask a Retailer™ discussion, I can promise
you three things:

1. Your video will inspire dialogue and change at that company – after all, what manager wouldn’t
report such an encounter to his or her boss!!!
2. You’ll have a blast!
3. If you send the clip to me at:, we’ll post it on Facebook, Instragram,
Change of the type that can reduce CO2e by millions of metric tons starts with US. Send me your video
and, together, let’s Change the Planet.


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