The Skinny on Corporate Sustainability

The Skinny on Corporate Sustainability
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A sustainable business refers to a corporation that offers quality products or services to the public while also striving to protect the delicate eco-system and the society at large.

Sustainability is achieved by the implementation of a variety of eco-friendly initiatives put-forth by the leaders of the corporation and by the employees of the company. The manufacturing methods, business practices and the products and services of green corporations are such that minimal negative environmental impact is produced or will be produced as a result of their presence.

There is no single thing that a company can do to be deemed a sustainable corporation, in reality, almost no business in existence can honestly call themselves 100% environmentally friendly, however many are pretty close. To be a true sustainable company, such prospective corporations need to adhere to the top eco principles listed below

The Principles of a Sustainable Corporation:

Offers Eco-friendly Alternatives: A sustainable corporation offers eco-friendly alternatives that can ultimately replace the un-green product or service of the same entity. For example; soy based printer inks can replace traditional petroleum based inks. The same results can be produced with the use of both; however, the soy based version would be the greener option because its formula poses minimal environmental degradation while the traditional produces a large amount of environmental harm.

The Implementation of Sustainable Business Decisions: The leaders of green companies consider their environmental and societal impact while implementing each and every business decision. Decisions such Energy and water conservation efforts, waste reductions, recycling practices, green developments, healthy working environment and minimal packaging are important principles that eco-organizations incorporate.

The Giving Back to Eco Causes: Sustainable corporations are entities that truly care about preserving, conserving and restoring healthy environmental balance. Giving back to the environment with donations to eco causes and also by implementing their own eco-restoring business actions are practices that eco-friendly businesses prioritize.

The terms “eco-friendly business and sustainable corporation” has been buzzing loud as of late, many companies are referring to themselves as environmentally sound, some rightfully so while others are simply trying to profit from the growing popularity of green. Shady corporations posing as sustainable are actually quite easy to detect, however, many novices are fooled. A posing company is one that spends more energy advertising their green initiatives instead of actually implementing them. Such organizations may produce overly green feeling ads and packaging and overuse buzz words and general eco labeling. These are organizations that call themselves sustainable because they may use eco-friendly printing paper to transfer their texts; however their product or services do very little to conserve or repair the environment.

As mentioned earlier, honestly sustainable organizations are very valuable to the environment and to society. As these companies grow in authority so grows their power to encourage and inspire eco-change in other organizations and in the lives of us every day green minded individuals. The use of more sustainable options instead of the traditional are gaining prominence while stronger energy and water conservation efforts are being put into practice. Promoting and supporting true eco-friendly corporations is a small step towards preserving and restoring a greener tomorrow.