Staying Stylish while Staying Green

Staying Stylish while Staying Green
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It can be difficult to balance style with being green. As Kermit The Frog says: “it’s not easy being green,” although he probably wasn’t talking about how to have an amazing living space that’s also kind to the environment.

Green home design has greatly benefitted from advances in technology and awareness, and the production processes for many pieces of green technology have been refined over recent years, meaning the technology is cheaper to purchase and install, as is the case with solar panels. Sometimes we have little control over some of the environmental aspects of our homes; if we rent, then we can’t really choose floorboards and fixtures that have taken from a renewable source, nor can we easily install solar panels and other pieces of green technology. Not to worry- there are many ways to make any living space greener and more energy efficient without sacrificing comfort and style.

Live Green, Eat Green

Living green can mean different things to different people, but a fantastic way to be green is by being selective about what goes into our refrigerators. You know that the concept of “food miles” is here to stay when major supermarkets start to display the distance that your food has traveled from farm to shelf. Lower food miles mean that less fossil fuel has been burned for shipping, and less energy has been used for cold storage. While this means that you might not be able to get those lamb fillets that have been flown in from New Zealand, you’ll definitely be able to choose from a selection of amazingly tasty fresh fruits, vegetables and meats.

How Much Space Is Too Much?

It’s a common desire to have a bit more room, whether it’s just for yourself, or wanting additional space as your children grow. It’s not always financially possible to “upgrade” the size of our house or apartment as often as we would like, and living in a home larger than what we need consumes far more natural resources. You could follow the lead of David and Jackie Siegel, who are building the worlds largest home in Windemere, Florida. The 85,000 square foot mansion has been under construction since 2004, since some “financial issues” have caused the Siegel family to delay the home several times. These struggles were detailed in the excellent 2012 documentary The Queen of Versailles, but since this type of home isn’t particularly kind to the environment, we’re better off finding more practical options.

Pay Attention To The Details!

Companies are paying attention to the fact that consumers are becoming increasingly well informed, and make purchases in line with their own beliefs and interests. As such, companies are providing customers with the necessary information, alerting them to the fact that certain products are greener than others. Clothing giant H&M has a range of clothing made from renewable organic cotton sources, and these clothes are clearly marked as such. Many furniture manufacturers also indicate when furniture is produced from custom grown, renewable forests. Increasingly, furniture made from rare wood is old furniture that has been dismantled and given a new life as a piece of stylish furniture. You can find some amazing coffee tables made from old teak and mahogany floorboards.

It’s not easy being green, but there are so many options for being kind to the environment and yet still living stylishly. Fortunately, it’s becoming increasingly stylish to give Mother Nature a helping hand, so your range of options will keep growing and growing…

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This is a Guest Post by Vic Abrams a part-time blogger and full time green enthusiast. Vic currently represents World Market, the best place to find eye-catching, trend-setting home accents, an awe-inspiring array of international foods and wines, and much more. If you are in the middle of a house renovation/decoration make sure you check world market curtains out. When not working, Vic likes travel a lot; her favourite destinations are the hidden places of Asia and Polynesia.


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