Water: Are You Getting Enough?

Water: Are You Getting Enough?
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Water, in its pure, tasteless transparent state is so much more than a simple thirst quencher on hot days; in fact, this undervalued liquid plays a vital role in our health and in our survival. The human body is made up mostly of water; it can be found tucked inside and in between all of our many cells and living comfortably in our blood vessels working hard to keep our internals happy and healthy.

Water regulates our temperature, transports vital nutrients where it needs to be and cleans up our blood. Water also strengthens our metabolism, protects our joints, keeps our organs in tip top shape, helps with digestion and detoxifies acidic buildup, just to name a few. However, our bodies are constantly losing water; we lose water when we breathe, when we sweat and when we urinate and excrete waste, so, it becomes important to constantly fuel our bodies with the stuff. Generally, we should be consuming between six to eight glasses (8oz) of water a day to keep our bodies at our very peek of wellness. Of course variations can be made depending upon the environment in which you live, your age and your weight.

Dehydration occurs when more water withdraws from the body than the amount entering it. It is the deprivation of fluids from our internal selves, the dangerous occurrence that takes place in many stages when we do not replenish lost fuel. The symptoms associated with dehydration include dark foul smelling urine, constipation, migraine, organ malfunction, muscle cramps, dry skin, fatigue and acidic build up. On a whole, not drinking enough water can degrade your health and shorten your lifespan, so follow the tips below to ensure you are getting your eight glasses daily.

5 Ways to Ensure You Get Enough Water Daily:

  1. Drink Eight Glasses: The easiest way to ensure you are getting your eight glasses of water a day is to drink eight glasses of pure water throughout the day. Make water your best friend and always keep it on hand. Drink water when you wake up, with your meals, after you work out, when you are on the go and before you go to bed.
  2. Flavour your Water: If you do not like the taste of pure water, then give it a bit of flavor. Flavoring your water will natural additives will curb the taste and allow you to enjoy it more. You can flavor your water with a little bit of natural lemon or lime juice, or with natural low glycemic sweeteners such as stevia and agave nectar.  A little bit of both and you've got yourself some thirst-quenching and fluid-replenishing lemonade!
  3. Drink Clear Tea: Drinking natural herbal tea is another way to get your daily intake while being healthier. Green tea, ginseng tea, white tea and peppermint tea are all wonderful at replenishing fuels and warming up your insides.
  4. Chew your Food: Many of us are guilty of swallowing food before it is chewed properly, when we do this, we are demanding our body to use more water to break down our food for digestion and excretion. Chewing thoroughly, turns solid foods into liquid, aids in healthy digestion and preserves internal water reserves.
  5. Eat your Fruits and Veg: Most vegetables and fruits contain some percentage of water, eating more of them will help in your efforts to stay hydrated. Foods such as watermelons, cucumbers, oranges, strawberries, peppers, carrots, celery and lettuce are great sources of water.

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