To Wear or Not To Wear this Season; What is a Girl to Do?

To Wear or Not To Wear this Season?
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Butter London

Anyone who knows me knows that I love nail polish. Personally, I find that nail polish is the one of the best accessories that ties an outfit together. But with that said, let’s face it: nail polish isn’t good for you! We all know that nail polish is a chemical concoction of multiple ingredients that you can’t even say, let alone spell! So, what is a girl to do? I have one simple solution: A non-toxic nail polish, such as Butter London. Now, let’s not kid ourselves, this brand of nail polish still contains chemicals, however, what makes this brand particularly interesting to eco-enthusiasts is in what it lacks: known carcinogens.

Butter London: Base Coat, Lacquer, & Top Coat

Butter London is dedicated to providing eco-conscientious fashionistas with a wide range of shades that don’t consists of Formaldehyde, Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), phthalates or parabens. These chemicals are notoriously known as carcinogens, as well as carcinogenic parabens that only serve the purpose of “antibacterial protection” to extend the products shelf life. “Three Free” is the mantra of Butter London, who in 2005, saw that there was a demand for a product that didn’t conform to the beauty industry standard of becoming a dumping ground for chemicals that didn’t result in eco-minded women turning away from nail polish. Butter London is also dedicated to following cruelty-free standards when it comes to their products; each one of their products is free of animal testing. Now that we’ve gone over all the great things about Butter London, is there a price to choosing an eco-minded product?

Butter London: Stylish Shades

This is where I’m going to be brutally honest here because, let’s face it: a lot of us (me included!) these days are on a budget! With that said, a bottle of Butter London nail polish retails off their website for $18 CDN, while does offer bottles that range from $12-$15 CDN per bottle, there are subject to $10 in shipping, so your best bet is to either order it from the Butter London website ( or find a retailer near you that carries it. In my experience, I found that many eco-boutiques and spas does carry this brand, however, selection is limited.

Not Just Pretty eco-boutique,

If you reside in Victoria, BC, you can find a great selection of Butter London shades at Not Just Pretty Boutique (they also have an online store that ships to many Canadian addresses at that retail for $17 a bottle. A great way to save money while switching over to Butter London is to purchase their Backstage Basics kit, which consists of a bottle of base coat, a bottle of top coat, a bottle of nail polish remover (which is acetone-free), and a bottle of colour nail polish that will set you back $46 for the entire kit, and works out to save to you approximately $20 if you were to purchase these products individually.

Butter London: Backstage Basics kit

While I was researching (& testing!) this brand, many of friends had asked me how the wear was, given the price tag that goes along with it. Well, I’m happy to report that this brand wears better than Essie (I was a full-fledge Essie lover!), requires less coats, and dries quicker (which is ideal for women on-the-go!) than many of the $2-$10 range of nail polishes…because who has time to sit around to wait for their nail polish to dry?!?

Butter London: Sample Palet of Shades

So, with many of us who are eco-conscious and on a budget, how do you make the switch over from our once-beloved brands to Butter London? A little trick that I use is to buy a bottle each time I get paid, this way I’m budgeting my money towards this as well as allowing myself time to figure out which shade I want to get next!

Now that I’ve opened all of your pretty eyes to this carcinogen-free nail polish alternative, I wish you happy accessorizing!


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