What Does it Mean to Bee Green?

What Does it Mean to Bee Green?
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Joanie McCorry

Many of us like the idea of going green, because we know that making decisions with the environment in mind is truly the only way towards a cleaner and greener future.  Even so, eco novices are often intimidated by the idea of being eco-friendly - mostly because they do not understand it. Some of you may think of Eco as inconvenient, expensive and unglamorous. However, those claims are far away from the truth.

Being Eco-friendly is rewarding, encouraging, respecting, simple, beautiful and serene. Even though “Going Green” is a lifestyle choice, you really do not have to drastically change your lifestyle to start being green; all you really have to do is change the way you think, and eco will come without you even trying. Once you start valuing the environment and all who inhabits it, Green will become a natural part of your everyday. Eco will follow you into your home, your work and in your play. Your small selfless green efforts will clean up the environment, preserve resources and inspire others to do the same.

There is no one handbook on the ways to go green; there are no tests to ace or degree to earn. Instead, being eco-friendly consists of small changes that will eventually reduce your carbon footprint and inspire a greener future. Below are helpful tips on how to go green without having to change your life.

Going Green without Changing your Life

Educate Yourself: the first step to becoming an eco-warrior is education. You need to know the ugly truths about pollution, deforestation, landfill overloads and depleting resources, because it is only when know what the problems are will you know how you can help fix it. In your spare time, turn yourself into an eco-expert with visits to your local library and searches on the web.
Bring Eco Home: There are tons of ways you can bring eco to your home and into your everyday. Small changes such as ditching harsh cleaner, replacing them with equally effective plant based formula and cleaning your air naturally with house plants, Himalayan sea salt and activated charcoal instead of ozone depleting air fresheners is a good way to start. You can also flush your toilet less often, turn off lights when not in use, switch to low flow shower heads and replace manual faucets with the water saving automatic turn on/ turn off ones.

Recycle: Recycling is one of the easiest ways to go green, doing so helps to keep unnecessary trash out of the landfills and cuts down on the use of virgin materials; almost everything we use on a daily basis can be recycled, you just have to know how and where. You all know that the curb sides such as paper, plastic, aluminum and glass can be recycled. However, some of you are unaware that other items such as CD’s/DVD’s, batteries, furniture, electronics, clothing, tires, cosmetics and hazardous materials can also be recycled, so find out if your unwanted item can be recycled before you trash it.

Start Composting: Composting your unwanted fruits, vegetables and scraps is a simple way to encourage fertile soil and healthy mulch. Doing so will also keep your scraps from decomposing unnaturally in the landfills.

Ditch Petroleum: It would be impossible to ditch petroleum completely because the substance is everywhere and in almost everything that you use on a daily basis. Petroleum is responsible for a large part of the unnatural greenhouse gas effects that pollutes the air and degrades the ozone layer. Best known for its role in the creation of the fuel, everyday items such as ink, rubber bands, lipstick, crayons, shampoo, lotions, candles, toothbrushes, pens, paints, rugs, dyes and plastic bags all contain a level of petroleum.  Shopping with reusable bags instead of plastic bags, driving less and using all natural bath and body products will cut down on your use of petroleum.

You don't have to make huge lifestyle changes in order live greener. All you have to do is make small mindful decisions in your everyday, and then a greener future will be ensured.



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