What YOU Can Do About Climate Change

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Every generation is defined by a daunting global challenge. Increasingly for our children, climate change
is that formidable trial. Indeed, as Britain Prime Minister David Cameron said: “I believe man-made
climate change is one of the most serious threats that this country and this world faces.” With good
reason: the earth is demonstrably hotter than it has ever been; the “2 degrees” point of no return is
visibly on the horizon; and photographic evidence (think polar bears on drifting ice) is creating lasting
visual imprints.

It is human nature to feel powerless to impact global problems such as climate change, and thus to
disengage. Disengagement, in turn, intensifies and accelerates the challenge. An alternative is to fight
the good fight, every day. Fortunately, not only will most governments and companies act when
compelled, but individuals can make positive choices in their daily lives, and instill strong moral
compasses in the next generation. Both will be meaningful as this global fight takes shape.

Perhaps most importantly, the ability of individuals to mass-coordinate activism and messaging has
never been greater, nor more effective at driving positive change. Widely available internet access
means that Scale of Voice™ can be quickly harnessed through “clicks”; indeed, time and again promoting
awareness and driving high-volume social media traffic have proven highly effective in causing
measurable change. Need proof? Supporters of protecting local pollinators submitted 4 MILLION
signatures to U.S. officials in May of this year.

Individually, your voice is stronger than you might know. Here are six ways YOUR personal engagement
matters when it comes to fighting climate change:

1. Learn. There are tremendous climate change resources that are widely available. A favorite of
mine is www.Nasa.org because of its credibility and visuals, along with the bonus of helping
inspire your children to see and think in terms of the vastness, and magic, of space. Many sites
also offer visually- and intellectually-engaging videos such as the one available at

2. Talk. To your friends, colleagues and communities, but most of all, to your children. They are
smart and have tremendous courage and conviction. They are the future scientists, activists,
engineers and leaders that will be on the front lines of the climate change war. Plus, kids do the
most amazing things when you engage them.

3. Act and Announce. Your actions speak louder than words. Those 4 million signatures in defense
of pollinators required everyday people to sign online petitions. In doing so, they also checked
boxes that posted their votes (think “I Voted” stickers) to Facebook, Twitter, etc., thereby
creating a chain reaction within social networks. Naturally, we think a great place to start
fighting climate change is to sign the Change the Pallet petition available Here.

4. Communicate. Via Facebook, LinkedIn, You Tube and other free communication vehicles. These
mediums have the power to turn a single voice into a collective call to action that will gain the
attention of business and political leaders. My children also love watching the organic evolution
of online activism. It’s a powerful lesson of leadership and the importance of speaking out. The
two-minute Change the Pallet video is available on You Tube: Here.

5. Think. About what your university, business, school or community can do. Thinking brought me
to you. How? Through my “day job,” I learned that the global precedent set by IKEA proved that
changing from wood pallets to corrugated ones can (and has) reduced climate change-causing
CO2 emissions by a game-changing amount. And I thought: “why not” apply that to North
American businesses and supply chains to increase those savings 1000-fold. “Why Not” has
become the central theme of Change the Pallet | Change the Planet.

6. Dare. To dream of a world with substantially fewer emissions, less waste, more recycling. If you
share that dream with your kids, it will inspire. If you share it with the world, amazing things will