Why We Should Eat in Season

Seasonal Salad Box
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WordRidden / Foter.com / CC BY

For everything there is a season; are there any truer words than those? Nope, there aren't. Think about how strange it would be if it were to snow in July or if we celebrated Christmas in the month of May - strange right? Although there are records of snowfalls in the summer, it was also recorded that everyone was amazed, confused and a little concerned by the phenomenon.  I am pretty sure that I have gotten more than one belated Christmas present; while it was of course appreciated, it was not nearly as special. The same goes for eating out of season - the crops taste good, but not nearly as good as if they would have been eaten in their season of peak.

Eating in season refers to the consumption of crops at the time of year when that crop grows locally and in its natural environment. Eating in season is the way we should all be eating, yet high demand and impatience has inspired us, as nations, to throw seasonal eating way off balance.

No, it is not natural to eat watermelons in December and sweet corn in February - yet we can go to the market at any given time and find an abundance of crop, both in season and out, living together side by side waiting to be devoured by us naïve consumers. We then dig deep in our pockets and pay premium for out of season produce that are not as nutritious and damaging to local economy. The madness just has to end, below are a few great reasons why we should eat in season.

Why we Should Eat in Season:

  • Seasonal Foods are More Nutritious: In season crops are bursting with flavour and jam-packed with health promoting nutrients, while exported and out of season crops are considerably lacking. Statistics show that in season produce are actually up to 60% more nutritious than their out of season counterparts.
  • In Season Produce are Cheaper: When we buy foods out of their natural season we are buying from a limited supply so we are paying more for them. The opposite is true when we buy crops when they are in season; the overflowing abundance drives the price down. So, eating seasonally is a huge money saver.
  • Year Long Variety: It is not like we are lacking right? Seriously, there is always something peaking. The earth is kind enough to give us apples, grapes and figs in the fall, corn, peaches, tomatoes and beans in the summer and radishes, kale and turnips in the winter. We have a mass variety of crop to choose from, so there really is no reason to ever eat out of season.
  • More Eco-friendly: CO2 emissions are drastically reduced when we eat in season. Less energy is used in the transportation and growing of out of season crops.
  • Supports Local Economy: Eating in season is synonymous with supporting local farmers and suppliers. Eating in season drastically boosts the local economy.
  • When Impatient, Eat Frozen: Frozen is the next best thing to in season. Frozen crops are picked at their peak of freshness and then frozen to preserve nutrition. So, if you just cannot wait, eat frozen.

Seasonal eating supports extreme health and wellbeing and reconnects us with the natural flow of the ecosystem. It is after all, the way nature intended.