February Calendar Feature of the Month: Templed Mind by Stephanie Deline

In the heart of Victoria's historic Fernwood district, there is a bright, beautiful and welcoming place that bears the moniker Templed Mind. It's a multi-level wellness studio with an abundance of natural light, exposed brick, and gorgeous hardwood floors, but the vibes inside the space are just as beautiful as the welcoming, mellow aesthetic.

More than simply a wellness studio offering yoga, nutrition and art classes - not to mention locally driven art installations - Templed Mind offers an experience that encompasses love, acceptance and community. Owned and operated by real-life couple Julian Guderley and Kimberly Dean (two young, beautiful and energetic people with a deep passion for health and well-being), Templed Mind stands apart from your average yoga space. That's partly due to it being more than just a yoga space, and partly thanks to its genuine, down-to-earth founders.

I got the opportunity to visit Templed Mind while in Victoria shooting the Bee Green 2015 Community Calendar (Templed Mind stars as our February calendar feature), and found myself as enamored with the philosophy of the place as I was with Julian and Kim. Here, the dynamic duo behind Victoria's most integrative, accepting and forward-thinking wellness studio opens up about working with the one you love, embracing the community you live in, and what they'd do with their business if they became blessed with limitless funding. Read More...


http://templedmind.com templedmind.com 2006 Fernwood Rd. Victoria BC / V8T 2Y9
Photography by Stephanie Deline Written by Stephanie Deline