Join us SUNDAY April 28th, 10am – 2:30pm for our 3rd Annual May Day Celebration! We’ll be celebrating by opening our doors to the community and sharing TWO things we do best, (1) Investing in... read more »
Have you been searching for that eco-gem at a great price?
Everything Old is New Again! For a very limited time, H&C is back in our original location @ 547 Johnson Street, Victoria. Have you been searching for that eco-gem at a great price? Well, it's... read more »
"Improve the health and well-being of individuals around the world"
BG TV will be interviewing Run for Tomorrow's Launch Party!  We will meet the runners and guest speakers who will be sharing their amazing stories! BG is looking forward to bringing everyone together... read more »
This annual free FUN-filled, family event will benefit not only those non-profit and charitable organizations doing the hero work in our community but will give the public quick and easy solutions to... read more »
Learn how to make internationally flavored cuisine with a twist- its all RAW and LIVING Foods!! Danielle Arsenault, founder of PachaVega, is a cook book author and passionate raw food chef certified... read more »
Live It By Design Is Starting a FREE GEMS™ Communication Workshop!  Experience A Revolutionary Method To Identify, Motivate and Increase Your Influence! Ever want to leave behind the frustration... read more »
"In Loving Memory of Emily and Mark"
WE HAVE SURPASSED OUR GOAL WITH A TOTAL OF $3925!  THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT!  Please make any further donations via the Johnson Street Fire Victims Fund at VanCity Thank you to our loving... read more »
"Hold onto eachother in the heavens beyond"
“Be healed by my friends!“  Emily said in one of her Facebook posts, referring to plants.  Emily and Mark were two ‘peas in a pod‘; perfect for each other while they nurtured the earth.  Loving life... read more »
"Here are some sustainable activities for you to do with your family"
Family Day is right around the corner!  What are you and your family going to do on Feb 11th?  Bee Green has some great Eco ideas for your special day! Here are some sustainable activities for you... read more »
"Her love for shopping as she claims"
Check out Bee Green's new video and interview with the Frugal Fashionista! Look Like a Million On a Budget with Fauve! With her budget minded approach Fauve is uniquely paired with her love for... read more »


Good Books

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