If you like Sambusa and Chutney you will love this raw food version!  Danielle has paired the sweet and spicy chutney with a flavorful chewy and soft sambusa! The most traditional fruits that are used for chutneys are limes, mangoes and apples. Be as creative as you can, use dried figs, dried apricots, dried bananas, figs or pineapple to add sweetness.
Eating healthy is always my top priority during the day, but some think "healthy" means bland. I personally disagree  These brownies will rock your socks so hard, the word healthy won't even cross your mind. Little do you know that they are loaded with vitamins and minerals and mood enhancing enzymes such as theobromine. These feel good brownies will give you an infusion of life force energy so eat them for breakfast and you'll know what I mean! 


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Publisher: Big Ideas Publishing
List price: CDN$ 29.95