Danielle Arsenault

Raw Food Chef and Founder of Pachavega Living Foods Education

Founder of Pachavega Living Foods Education, Danielle Arsenault is a Raw Food Chef, certified through Raw Foundations in Vancouver, BC and has also completed the Living Foods Lifestyle Total Well-being Education Course in Puerto Rico at the Ann Wigmore Institute. When it comes to the kitchen, Pachavega always prepares fresh organic, vegan, gluten-free food with mindful tenderness and is committed to compassion. 

She offers personal chef services and holds whole foods workshops around town. She is a certified BC teacher and also a published cookbook author who co-created the vegan, gluten-free seasonal cookbook series from the kitchens of pinch and dash. She is also an accomplished poet with 5 poetry books and a singer/songwriter. Under her musical pseudonym, Mustache Fable she released her ukulele-infused debut album in 2012. She is a passionate rock climber who has traveled the world moonlighting as an English teacher and discovered isolated corners of globe.

Looking for some grounding roots and stepping into the role of the 2013 speaker coordinator for Viva Raw, she has chosen to call Victoria home for the time being.  Have a look at Danielle's website at http://pachavega.com/  Danielle is a true delight and AMAZING Chef!