Liz Zdunich

Liz Zdunich Goddess of GROOVE, BLOGGER and Mumma

Hi! I'm Liz! I am a playful yogini, teacher and coach, lover of sweet beats and a goddess of GROOVE, Master Trainer in THEGROOVE, Reiki practitioner, blogger, business owner/operator and above all, a mumma of two beautiful, bright lights. I have been professionally involved in the “fitness industry” for over seventeen years, accumulating an eclectic collection of certificates, a degree and some wisdom over the years. I have an absolute passion for helping people discover their own physical and inner strength and beauty. My classes reflect the way I like my life; a full spectrum of potential experiences....savouring everything from loud, playful and creative movement to quiet, deep, introspective stillness.

My offerings are truly an act of love and my souls passion. I strive to create an environment where you will feel welcome and leave feeling completely nourished...whether we meet in person or virtually. I believe in people’s ability to exceed beyond their own perceived limitations to live a life happier and more abundant than ever thought possible! I am grateful that you allow me the honour of being a part, however that may look, of your journey.

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