Stephanie Deline

Writer, Photographer and Freelance Makeup Artisit

Stephanie Deline is a freelance makeup artist, photographer and writer based in Vancouver. Freshly relocated to the West Coast from Toronto, Ontario (where she received an education in journalism and built a photography business from the ground up), Stephanie has spent the past few years crafting a career that combines all three of her favourite vocations; beauty, writing and photography. She writes for several publications and freelances for many beauty brands, helping them create compelling  content and features via writing, photography and promotion.

Stephanie lives in Vancouver with her husband and two-year-old-daughter. She divides her time between family, business portrait photography and boudoir photography, writing for her own blog (, and working with the brands she believes in. Passionate about eco-friendly cosmetics and skincare, Stephanie's major writing focus is on non-toxic beauty and its benefits. She is thrilled to be a contributor for Bee Green Magazine.
Expect features, how-to pieces, tips, giveaways and more from Stephanie's contributions to Bee Green!

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