Restoration of Trail in Old Growth Forest Avatar Grove

Watch this amazing team of men from the Hawkeye Tribe from Victoria BC while they work together building and restoring the trails to encourage more people to visit this amazing majestic forest Avatar Grove trail - in Port Renfrew BC.

Avatar Grove is a phenomenal yet threatened strand of giant old-growth red cedar and Douglas fir alongside the Gordon River, approximately 15 minutes away from Port Renfrew, BC. This incredible old-growth forest growing on valley bottom, flat terrain could be the Cathedral Grove of Port Renfrew. The area drew its nickname from its natural resemblance to the spectacular alien landscapes of Pandora in the movie Avatar. Massive red cedars with huge twisted and contorted burls are found in large numbers throughout the stand including one that's been dubbed “Canada’s Gnarliest Tree” - giant alien-shaped red cedar resembling Jabba the Hut with a massive burl nearly 12ft in diameter! Rare giant old-growth Douglas fir, of which 99% have been logged from Vancouver Island, are also found scattered throughout the forest. Beautiful fern draped creeks with moss covered rocks and small waterfalls meander through the woods along their way to the Gordon River. The forest provides habitat for Roosevelt elk, Pilliated woodpeckers, cougar, bears, wolves, and more.